The Shark Rocket vacuum cleaner {review}

Lorilee static hair

There is some strange virus making its rounds at our house, which means that I have been trying to take it easy, you know, doing “couch school” and watching educational videos (right now it’s the BBC’s rendition of Ivanhoe), etc.

Still, there is just something in me that has to keep things clean–call it a nervous compulsion if you like–but I have never been able to rest easily in the middle of a mess.

Therefore, I have had to take a little bit of energy and wipe down counters, fold baskets of laundry in-between short naps, and, of course, VACUUM!

We are a vacuum-crazy family; just ask the dear man who finished our basement (he said he never knew a machine could run all-day-long).

But today, even though I could not keep my compulsion in check, I was honestly not looking forward to wrestling our large upright, and that’s when it hit me–I didn’t have to!

You see, just last week our Shark Rocket arrived! This is such a sweet little machine; all the power of a monster vac squeezed into something no bigger than a mosquito.

With all of the relish my woozy head could muster, I grabbed the tiny thing and went to work, easily slipping the swivel head into all of the nooks, crannies, and corners that nag me when I sleep. When the swivel wouldn’t reach, I simply pushed a button and, voila! I could use the long wand to reach where no hand could. I was saying to myself, “Dust bunnies, beware!–Mama now has a machine that will move easily under all of the beds in the house!”

shark rocket under bed 1

shark rocket under bed 2

When I was finished I just popped open the canister and emptied it into the trash can (it is bagless and even comes with filters that can be washed and reused).

shark rocket canister
Can you believe it–I just vacuumed a few hours before with my upright–the Shark still found dirt!

I am still glad for my full-sized machines since they can take care of the big areas around the house with greater ease, but I am also glad to have this mighty-mouse to add to our arsenal. Not only will it help keep our six bedrooms clean, but it will do wonders in our 15-passenger van!

Although I am glad to have my uprights for everyday cleaning (such as this Eureka upright from Sam’s for only $99), especially since they can take more abuse, the Shark will be my exclusive weapon for Super Clean Friday, when I concentrate on all of the areas the children only glance over during the rest of the week.

After doing a bit of research, I found that there is a Dyson that is configured very closely to the Shark Rocket, but it costs twice as much! This little vacuum will certainly do the job, and Walmart sells the Rocket for only $149, but I recommend ordering from the Shark site ($159), since you receive all of the attachments, including the “Dust Away” tool for hard floors.

Disclosure: Although I received a free sample in order to bring you this review, I do not receive any money for subsequent sales.



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  • Lisa

    Does the Shark do well on wood floors? We are in need of a vacuum and works well for both wood floors and rugs. My 5 year old son has loved vacuum cleaners since he was about 2 so I shared this post with him. He was delighted with what you wrote and the pictures. :)

  • Chloe

    I also have a Shark and I highly recommend it, for all the the reasons you mentioned. The quality is great and the price really can’t be beat! I ordered mine from the Kohl’s website and was very satisfied–all of the parts were there and it was delivered very quickly. Mine also has a pet brush attachment that has been really helpful; I don’t have any pets, but it works great for furniture.

    • Sherry

      Thanks, Chloe, for chiming in. I use the pet attachment for furniture, too!

  • Carolina Perez

    Thanks for the post. I have been looking for a new vacuum and this is just what I need.

  • dee b

    Be careful using the old vacuum salesman’s trick of re-vacuuming an area of carpet. ANY vacuum will pick up more dirt if you go over the carpet a second time. What you should really do is vacuum your carpet with the NEW vacuum first, then go over it with your old vacuum. Then, if your old vacuum picks up extra dirt, bring your new vacuum back to the store because the old one is perfectly good.

  • Randy Strieff

    Im a father of 4 kids and wanted to get a good lightweight vac for quick cleanups after the kids. I heard all kinds of stuff about how bad ass the dyson was and one vacume review guy on youtube even did a comparrison and went on and on about how crappy the shark was.Shark rocket is awesome! I bought it and the dyson digital slim at the same time and used them both and immediately packaged the dyson back up and took it to the store! The dyson is a pile of junk compared to the shark! And at $400 dyson should pay me for wasting my time, gas money and for getting my hopes up! That thing was no better than a $25 no name walmart hand held! Dont believe anyone that tells you the dyson is better than the shark. The shark suction is twice what the dyson puts out and the brush head on the shark rotates 3 times faster than dyson! Ya it has a cord you have to deal with but for the price and how good it works you’d be a fool to buy the dyson over the shark!

    • Sherry

      Very interesting, Randy, that you actually tried both the Dyson and the Shark and can give such an accurate comparison. Thank you!

  • Donna

    I have a new, high pile carpet that the Dyson and Oreck cannot vacuum; even on their highest pile setting. You are unable to move the vacuum across the floor because the pile gets caught up in the beater bar. Only the Bissell Lift-off Pet can handle the high pile. The problem is, it does not fit under my beds. Can you tell me if the rocket will be able to vacuum high pile rugs? I did not hear the commercial say that if you were dissatisfied, you could return it shipping free. Therefore, I am afraid to try it.

    • Randy

      I can’t tell you for sure if it will or will not work for you but I know you can buy it at Walmart, target, kohls just to name a few and I know those stores won’t question you about bringing any product back if your unhappy with it as long as you have the receipt.

      • Sherry

        Thanks for the reply, Randy, I couldn’t have said it better myself!