Can’t Afford to Homeschool? Part 1


Homeschooling may look daunting in the best of circumstances, but when money is in short supply, it can seem practically impossible!

According to 2006 numbers, the government spends more than $9,000 per student per year, and they have a whole staff to help each child “succeed,” from teaching, to counseling, to physical activity and even nutrition. It’s more than enough to intimidate the most confident parents.

But please don’t be discouraged!

We have a great, big God who is in love with us, yes, and He cares for us more than we can comprehend. How do I know this?–because Jesus said that God even knows when a sparrow falls to the ground, and that His care for us is far greater!

You may not own a desk, or wall maps, or even one teacher’s manual, but you are more equipped than the best teacher in the whole world if you have one very basic thing:

The love of God for your child.

Do you know what the love of a parent does for a child? It is more powerful than a whole clinic full of therapists; it does more than a whole cabinet full of behavioral drugs. If a child has two parents who will love, watch and care for him, he is rich beyond measure, and there is no agency on this earth that could perform better than loving and devoted parents can.

You may not hold any “office” of importance; it may be that you could pass away and be buried in an unmarked grave and the world will have quickly forgotten you.

But none of this will matter, whatsoever, if you know that you took up the burden of this cross and shouldered it gladly while rearing your dear children.

The way of crucifixion is not easy, it is not mindless. It is desperate and deliberate. It means the death of a selfish, ego-centric existence.

But this commitment leads all of the way to a life of sweet fellowship with Jesus, the One who was familiar with the sorrows and grief that we all experience in this fallen world.

Often, when we go on a family hike together, one of the little children will be too tired to make it up a steep incline, so Daddy will grab up the tiny one and carry her until they reach the top.  I always love this picture; because in it I see the loving hand of the Heavenly Father reaching down to bear us up on His broad shoulders.

So, while we are struggling here, there is One who is greater, and He gathers us up into His strong arms and places us high above all of our cares and transports us while we giggle and dangle our legs with glee.

If you are a parent that is struggling with just how to afford to homeschool your children, I want to speak hope and comfort to you. I believe that, as you have made this very crucial step of faith, God’s arms are ready and willing to gather you up and bolster you—you are not alone! In fact, many have gone before you on this journey.

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  • Mrs. Patrick Spencer

    What beautiful words of love and encouragement! We have just one child that we have been blessed with so far, but we hope and pray that God will bless us with more. She’s only 14 months, but we know that we will be homeschooling. We are not rich. Not at all. We actually live well below the poverty line, but we have a cozy home, plenty of love, and a heart to follow God’s commands. We feel firmly that my place is in our home and his had already richly blessed us for our faithfulness in this area. Financially, it doesn’t make sense for us to have more children or for us to live on one income, but we know that it is what God has called us to. I know this is an older post, but I’m looking forward to reading through this series. I’m nursing my sweet, sick baby and I know that God directed me towards your blog tonight.

  • Jane Ann Bonbrake

    Praise Be To God! As I read your article, I am overwhelmed with the thoughts to continue homeschooling 7 of our 11 children. I have been homeschooling for 12 years and I these past couple of years I have gone with the cyber academy school because of finances. Now I feel more overwhelmed than before. Thanks for that encouragement.
    Mom of Many