Organize Your Life With Index Cards

Organize Your Life

Let’s face it, when you are a wife, a mom of many, homeschool, and are otherwise active in any way, all of the bits and pieces you are in charge of can seem like guppies swimming in a huge fish tank. At least for me, viewing each task on its own screen, or even its […]

How to Clean a Bedroom

kids bedroom, messy

It’s a simple fact that most children are clueless when it comes to cleaning a really messy bedroom. At least my young children are, especially the boys. There is something about chaos and clutter that shuts down their thinking. I cannot recount the times I have witnessed my young ones walking aimlessly around a mess, […]

Kick Your Homeschooling in the Pants!

Kick Your Homeschooling in the Pants!

It’s cold outside, it’s boring inside, and every school day is a battle. I read recently that some schools only allow one, 30-minute recess a week. Really? This sounds like impossible torture to me! I remember well my fourth grade class. The teacher kept such a tight reign on everyone that, when her back was […]

Are Large Families Poor?

Are Large Families Poor_

There is a prosperity that only includes what you own, but it doesn’t touch who you are. It’s true–in our home of currently 11 people, we are a messy, noisy bunch, and we are not afraid to express ourselves! There is usually so much going on that it feels unnatural when things are quiet, and […]

Save Your Day With 5-Minute Chores{PDF}

Save Your

In times of boredom or stress, instead of television or video games or jumping on the furniture, make a game for your children out of your chore list and it will help you help them! Moms just can’t do it all, especially when they have their children home with them all day long. We need […]

Help Is on the Way!


If there is one thing that large family moms need, it is HELP! I have had many, many days when the volleys came into my court one after the other, without any time-outs at all! You know what I’m talking about; even with a general plan in place it’s hard to think, much less act, […]

How to Feed a Huge, Busy, Picky Family{links and recipe}

How to Feed a Huge, Busy, Picky Family

A mother of many does not have the time, energy, or budget to be a short-order cook! And yet, in a family of three or more children there are so many tastes, allergies, schedules, and preferences that sometimes it seems futile to try and cook at all, especially as children grow older and begin to […]

Why Large Family Moms Should Do It with a Smile!


Why is it that we claim to be pro-life, but we speak and live as though we are pro-choice? It is one thing to be horrified at the photo of a mangled unborn body and wonder how a person could become so cold and callous; it is another thing altogether to find the roots of […]

How to Notebook With Your Children {Video}


Notebooking is an amazing tool for homeschooling families! I have written about using this method a number of times, but I thought it might be fun if I made a little video explaining a few things and giving some practical examples as to how we use it in our family. Maybe this will spark some […]

What a Large Family Mom Must Be

What a Large Family Mom Must Be

A large family mom must be mindless, forgetful, unloving, and unsure. Mindless… …of the “consequences” of her decisions, but mindful of God’s promises and provision. I remember quite well the many times people said to me, “Of course you should walk by faith, but God gave you a brain, too!” I suppose I checked the […]