Encouragement for Stay-At-Home Saints

Encouragement for stay-at-home saints

If you’re knee-deep in the stomach flu, or teething, or broken appliances, or just having a hard time keeping up with the responsibilities of life, but you are still praising God in the midst of it all, then you should consider your holy estate. Saints, prophets, and all those otherwise used of God don’t look […]

How We Are Using Khan Academy in Our Homeschooling

How we are using Khan Academy in our homeschool

This post does NOT contain affiliate links–this is an unpaid, honest assessment for your information only. If you are unsure of how to approach math with older children, or if you just don’t have the time to sit with struggling mathematicians because you are teaching on multiple levels, Khan Academy might be a right “fit” […]

20 Tips and Tricks For Family Hotel Stays

20 Tips and Tricks For Family Hotel Stays

Hotel stays with lots of kids don’t have to be a nightmare! In fact, you can turn a hotel stay into a great family memory. How do I know?–because our large family (17 of us) has done it for years! Here are some tips and tricks that can help: 1. COVER THAT REMOTE! I’m not […]

How to Feed a Family on a Road Trip

How to feed a family on a road trip

Eating on the road does not have to mean a messy, junk-food, free-for-all. There are ways to pack snacks and meals that save money, time and mess! If you have been keeping up with my series on traveling as a large family, you will remember that we started traveling as a small army back when […]

How to Pack Clothes For a Family Road Trip

Large family packing (3)

Packing clothing for a few days’ trip takes some organization for any sized family, but when that family includes a number of small children, the task can seem daunting! As I related in this earlier post, we started traveling regularly as a family back when we had nine children, the oldest only thirteen years old. […]

The Missing Ingredient in Homeschooling

The Missing ingredient in homeschooling

It’s not curricula. It’s not supplies. It’s not physical exercise. It’s not test preparation. It is something so simple that we rarely think about it, yet it is so profound that we are doomed to fail without it. I was alerted to the importance of this simple ingredient while reading an old book, An Acorn […]

Four Ways to Reduce Homeschool Stress

Four Ways to Reduce Homeschool Stress

Remember this earlier post when we talked about being so discouraged you are tempted to give up? Here are some practical steps to get your homeschool feeling wonderful again: 1. Get order back in your home. Identify problem areas and write them down. Where are the “hitches” in your days? Is it the messiness of your […]

The 5 G’s of Enthusiastic Mothering

  If there’s one thing moms need, it’s enthusiasm! However, this amazing human characteristic doesn’t come as standard equipment. No, it must be developed, and I am offering here five ways (all beginning with the letter “G”) to do just that! 1. God One way to continually operate with enthusiastic energy is to remember that […]

When You Feel Like Giving Up On Homeschooling

giving up on homeschooling (1)

Discouragement, failure, comparison; these are all ideas that swirl around in our heads from time-to-time.   There have been days when I was certain I was ruining my own children forever, or that they never would be able to make it, or that “other people” were doing so much better than we were. But here […]

How to Escape the Slavery of Grade Levels

escaping the slavery of grade levels

Children are not machines, they are human beings, but modern education systems are built on an evolution-based idea; that we are nothing more than the combination of chemicals and electrical responses, without souls, without any emotional, eternal, spiritual connections or needs. (If you don’t believe me, check out anything by B. F. Skinner, the darling […]