The Missing Ingredient in Homeschooling

The Missing ingredient in homeschooling

It’s not curricula. It’s not supplies. It’s not physical exercise. It’s not test preparation. It is something so simple that we rarely think about it, yet it is so profound that we are doomed to fail without it. I was alerted to the importance of this simple ingredient while reading an old book, An Acorn […]

Four Ways to Reduce Homeschool Stress

Four Ways to Reduce Homeschool Stress

Remember this earlier post when we talked about being so discouraged you are tempted to give up? Here are some practical steps to get your homeschool feeling wonderful again: 1. Get order back in your home. Identify problem areas and write them down. Where are the “hitches” in your days? Is it the messiness of your […]

The 5 G’s of Enthusiastic Mothering

  If there’s one thing moms need, it’s enthusiasm! However, this amazing human characteristic doesn’t come as standard equipment. No, it must be developed, and I am offering here five ways (all beginning with the letter “G”) to do just that! 1. God One way to continually operate with enthusiastic energy is to remember that […]

When You Feel Like Giving Up On Homeschooling

giving up on homeschooling (1)

Discouragement, failure, comparison; these are all ideas that swirl around in our heads from time-to-time.   There have been days when I was certain I was ruining my own children forever, or that they never would be able to make it, or that “other people” were doing so much better than we were. But here […]

How to Escape the Slavery of Grade Levels

escaping the slavery of grade levels

Children are not machines, they are human beings, but modern education systems are built on an evolution-based idea; that we are nothing more than the combination of chemicals and electrical responses, without souls, without any emotional, eternal, spiritual connections or needs. (If you don’t believe me, check out anything by B. F. Skinner, the darling […]

Large Family Laundry

Large Family Laundry

Large families mean LAUNDRY, and lots of it! Think about it; the average child often soils one set of clothes a day (infants wear more), and that doesn’t even include pajamas, so, if you multiply that times six, or eight or twelve (or more) people, you have the potential of mounds, and mounds, and mounds […]

Homeschool Planning and Scheduling

Our Homeschool Schedule With Time Slots

If you’re like me, you are curious as to just how others do this thing we call homeschooling, especially if they are teaching multiple ages at once.   In creating my book, Homeschool Sanity, and my series on creating a simple, excellent, and affordable curriculum, I tried to present education from a more practical perspective […]

Notebooking High School Science

If there is one thing that strikes fear in the hearts of homeschool moms, it is high school science! I know, I’ve been there with my eight grown children, too! It just seems so intimidating; science is too, you know, technical, and many young people (I’m talking teens) just aren’t! Want to learn more? Just […]

Yes, You Can!


So much boasting today, so much puffing up of “self.” Being the mother of 15 very different, often challenging, human beings, gives people the mistaken impression that I have it all together, or that I am somehow exceedingly capable or gifted (or even “holy”) in some way.  However, if you took a magnifying glass and […]

5 Ways to Cook BIG!

large family mixing bowls

It takes more than just a little ingenuity to feed a large family in a small family world.  I grew up in a family of three–my mother, my sister, and me–so there was little opportunity to learn how to whip up a batch of 6 dozen cookies (that would be gone in five minutes), or […]