Homeschool Planning and Scheduling

Our Homeschool Schedule With Time Slots

If you’re like me, you are curious as to just how others do this thing we call homeschooling, especially if they are teaching multiple ages at once.   In creating my book, Homeschool Sanity, and my series on creating a simple, excellent, and affordable curriculum, I tried to present education from a more practical perspective […]

Notebooking High School Science

If there is one thing that strikes fear in the hearts of homeschool moms, it is high school science! I know, I’ve been there with my eight grown children, too! It just seems so intimidating; science is too, you know, technical, and many young people (I’m talking teens) just aren’t! Want to learn more? Just […]

Yes, You Can!


So much boasting today, so much puffing up of “self.” Being the mother of 15 very different, often challenging, human beings, gives people the mistaken impression that I have it all together, or that I am somehow exceedingly capable or gifted (or even “holy”) in some way. ¬†However, if you took a magnifying glass and […]

5 Ways to Cook BIG!

large family mixing bowls

It takes more than just a little ingenuity to feed a large family in a small family world.¬† I grew up in a family of three–my mother, my sister, and me–so there was little opportunity to learn how to whip up a batch of 6 dozen cookies (that would be gone in five minutes), or […]

Our Large Family Home Management Command Center

large family command center big picture

To me, Spring Cleaning is more than just moving furniture and washing windows; it is a state of mind, a cleaning of the whole life, a re-boot, so to speak. This is why I decided to spend all of the spare time I could muster of the last weeks on a total re-organization of our […]

How to Be Generous When You Feel Poor

economy for the Christian home

I don’t think any of us realize just how rich we are. I know there we can often struggle to meet our basic bills; the mortgage, the light bill, etc., but, compared to most of the world, we live like kings and queens. I believe this because of some people I have witnessed in the […]

Why Moms Need Miracle Mornings


Although there are seasons in a mother’s life when waking up early (or earlier than everyone else) can be an impossibility, there are other times when rising with the sun is a necessity. For a while now our family has been on the “late” schedule, you know, like that famous huge family, the Duggars. However, […]

Finding Time For God

devotions, time with God, large family mothering

Of all people, we mothers are the most desperate for a touch of God, and yet we are the least able to find time for Him. Often it is as if we are in the midst of a dry desert and dying of thirst, but the demands placed on us are like chains keeping us […]

Organize Your Life With Index Cards

Organize Your Life

Let’s face it, when you are a wife, a mom of many, homeschool, and are otherwise active in any way, all of the bits and pieces you are in charge of can seem like guppies swimming in a huge fish tank. At least for me, viewing each task on its own screen, or even its […]

How to Clean a Bedroom

kids bedroom, messy

It’s a simple fact that most children are clueless when it comes to cleaning a really messy bedroom. At least my young children are, especially the boys. There is something about chaos and clutter that shuts down their thinking. I cannot recount the times I have witnessed my young ones walking aimlessly around a mess, […]