How to be Sweet to Your Family {Part 1}

How to be sweet to your family

Sweetness does not come naturally to most of us. Life on planet earth is not heavenly, and it seems that in our current culture women are not supposed to be soft and demure; they are supposed to be hardened and tough in order to withstand the pressures of modernity. I realized this when I was […]

A Large Family Mother’s Sanity Secret

large family mothering sanity secret

If you don’t develop the art of ignoring, you will crash and burn as a mother. Oh, yes, I believe in keeping a neat house, of doing things ahead, and of making life simple, but if you looked deep into my psyche and tried to learn the secrets of how I have handled life with […]

Christmas Countdown Calendar

Christmas Countdown Calendar

My children are always “Christmas distracted” this time of year! Instead of fighting an endless battle, I have learned to switch my thinking and use their natural leanings to my best advantage. Creating a Christmas countdown calendar is one of the ways I have been able to do harness their attention and teach them a […]

Thanksgiving Homeschool


While the turkey thaws in the refrigerator, we are resting. This is not the type of resting where one lies immobile on the couch. This is a rest that is a cessation of one thing so that we can practice another. We are not opening our McGuffey’s, or our Ray’s, but we are still learning, […]

Large Family Mothering Talks Turkey


I once thought that cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for eight people was a huge undertaking. It’s been a long time since we had that few people to dinner. Currently there are eleven people that get fed at almost every meal, and at one point there were 15! (We’ve never had all of our children living […]

Large Family Stress Reduction: Facing it!


This post is not about looking one’s responsibilities straight in the eye, although that is a good subject to cover! No, this post will be all about creating a “neat” out of a mess! In case you missed the other recent posts in this same vein, try Large family mtress reduction: streamlining, and Large family […]

Large Family Stress Reduction: Streamlining

It could be said that most of our time is spent dealing with all of our “stuff”we have to shuffle it around, polish it, maintain it, categorize it, pick it up, stow it, etc. This is only exacerbated when your family has been multiplied by love! There are days when it seems to take forever […]

5 Reasons Homemakers Should Love the Internet

There are many good things, such as food, that can be used for all of the wrong reasons. The Internet is one of these good, but often misused, things. If one does not exercise self discipline, it can become a catalyst for self-destruction. However, if one has a life outside of the Net, and if […]

How to Save Your Grocery Budget From the “Feast or Famine” Cycle

Challenging circumstances do happen to good, God-fearing people. They occur to those folks whose hearts are pure before Him. These difficult seasons can be a time of training and blessing, so that God can feed us from His precious promises and clothe us in His abundant grace. But there is also a place for careful […]

Large Family Stress Reduction: Getting Ahead {Part 2}

In my last installment in this series, Large family crisis reduction: getting ahead {part 1}, we discussed the basic ideas behind doing things ahead, or, as Don Aslett puts it, creating a “frontlog” instead of a “backlog.” Of course there are times when even the best of plans are interrupted, and this is where faith […]