Little Homemaker’s Paper Doll {Giveaway}


If there is one thing my girls have always enjoyed, it is paper dolls!

With 11 girls who were spaced over a period of three decades, we have had quite a collection of them.We have wooden ones, wooden and cloth ones, and, of course, a whole binder filled with paper ones, including historic and princess.

There is one element that all are missing, however, and that is the domestic element.

It is one thing to reinforce the idea that ladies must be beautiful and glamorous, or even go on amazing adventures, but it is another to realize that little girls need to see homemaking as a sweet, amazingly appealing, and important occupation for grown women.

This is why our family, what we refer to as the Creatrix Familia Team (meaning “creative family” in Latin), all decided it was time to try something new; to create a paper doll that was not a princess or a head of state, but a homemaker.

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