How to Notebook With Your Children {Video}


Notebooking is an amazing tool for homeschooling families! I have written about using this method a number of times, but I thought it might be fun if I made a little video explaining a few things and giving some practical examples as to how we use it in our family. Maybe this will spark some […]

What a Large Family Mom Must Be

What a Large Family Mom Must Be

A large family mom must be mindless, forgetful, unloving, and unsure. Mindless… …of the “consequences” of her decisions, but mindful of God’s promises and provision. I remember quite well the many times people said to me, “Of course you should walk by faith, but God gave you a brain, too!” I suppose I checked the […]

Productivity Tools For Large Family Moms: The $1 Planner{video}


If you enjoyed my first post on creating a planner for under $1, you’ll love the ideas I have incorporated into my new planner for 2015! Since it is not easy to explain all of the new features in a blog post (even with photos), I decided to step out on a limb and create […]

What They Forgot to Tell Me About Being a Woman

Sure, there are days that I get ruffled

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” The question seemed so innocent. I wanted to have fun—after all, I was just a little girl. I thought of how many interesting things there were to discover in the bright, big, beautiful world, making use of the vast expanse of my own imagination. So […]

Productivity Tools For Large Family Moms: Aprons

Productivity Tools Aprons

Many people involved in many different vocations wear aprons; welders wear leather ones with bibs, carpenters wear belts with leather pockets, janitors, waiters, and even sculptors strap on smocks made from anything from paper to rubber to canvas. But when women at home put them on, there is a statement being made. More than mere […]

Get Four Free Homeschool Resources…By Ordering my Book Homeschool Sanity Today!

Buy Homeschool Sanity today!   It’s not easy being a home-schooling parent today. Educating one’s children is a huge responsibility. There seem to be more “answers” than there are questions! Everyone has a textbook, a method, or a philosophy. But how are we supposed to figure out just what path to take? Homeschool Sanity: a […]

How to Make Positive Changes


Doing is better than sitting and whining. Large family moms face many challenges: People outside; their opinions and opposition Physical limitations; fatigue, lack of time, lack of money, lack of space Our children; their attitudes, lack of discipline, health, abilities, destructive tendencies These are the mountains we face, looming like huge obstacles before us. Every […]

Get a Handle on Your Life in 2015: The Heart of the Matter

Get a handle on your life

A new year means time for a re-start. Moms of many need it just as much, or more, than anyone else on the planet. Why? Because a mother’s demeanor, attitude, and ability to cope profoundly affect the atmosphere of the whole home. Large family life can be abundant, but it can also be full of […]

10 Ways to Get in the Mood to Clean

Ways to Get Into the Mood to Clean

There are certain times in the year that are perfect for deep, meaningful and lasting cleaning and reorganizing, and the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is one of them. It’s the turning of one year into another, a time when we have received nice gifts and need to get rid of the older […]

How to be Sweet to Your Family {Part 2}

As we discussed in our last post, sweetness doesn’t come naturally to most of us, but our families starve for it! Of course, no matter how sick or sad we may feel, we will find a way to be gracious to almost anyone on the phone, or to total strangers who might ring our doorbells, […]